Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Instamonth #August2016

August has been a weird month for me. I'm currently looking for a job but there's only so much I can do. I don't want to apply to too many, and then have no idea about any of the companies if they call me, that wouldn't look good to potential employers. If you have any tips on finding a job as a recent graduate let me know in the comments (pls pretty pls).

When not looking for a job I've been enjoying walks through the countryside I live in and reading lots of books! I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and loved it. I don't get why people are hating so much? It's not descriptive because it's a script of a play! Totally different style to the original books. Although I'm not OK with how Hermione was portrayed, and there was a lack of any developed female characters, to be honest... OK so maybe it wasn't that great, but for hardcore fans, it's something extra to keep us going until the Fantastic Beasts film comes out in November.

I took part in the August Break Instagram challenge this month, run by Susannah Conway and actually loved it! I rarely take part in such challenges but I liked the prompts as soon as I saw them, although I did miss some days and am becoming more and more lax as we near the end of August... still, I posted nearly every day in August so high-five to me! If you wanna see more of the photos I took head over to my Instagram and check out Susannah's while you're there too!

green walks | read | tea for two outside our lodge for the weekend
the start of my uni scrapbook | bee friend | cute stickers
lunch date at Wagas | tan selfie | exploring
I posted so many photos this month and wanted to share some of the food I made as well. I've been planning on doing one of those 'What I Ate Today' type posts but I can't eat photogenic food all day, or ever apparently. I made my fave vegan pancakes way back at the start of August and nearly died from pancake overdose. I'm serious. They were well worth it! I often have creamy veg and tofu stir fry, and veggie curries are another regular fave.

I hope you enjoyed the long bank holiday weekend! I spent it in a lodge in the New Forest with my fam and boyfriend, keep your eyes peeled for a post soon. Let us know what you got up to this weekend in the comments!

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