Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bookmarked #23

Another week and I actually have another post! I haven't disappeared again (yet)! These posts might not contain much of my own writing but they're not the easiest to put together. Sometimes there's a serious lack of articles and posts that speak to me, sometimes everything is too negative. I try to have a mix of links for you here, and I think this month's Bookmarked post may be the best yet! If you get to the end of this post (or just scroll past everything else) I included a few blogs I only recently discovered for myself and I'm so bloody in love with them so you must read them too!
(Unrelated pic of my garden frog)
  1. If you read nothing else here let it be this (but don't read the comments!) - The Reality That All Women Experience That Men Don't Know About.
  1. 12 books with badass female characters - I added most of these to my 'to-read' list on Goodreads, and was happy to see I've read a couple already! Cinder is a cracking book and I gotta get the next in the series! The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is good, but I couldn't carry on with the series because *spoiler alert* she has PTSD and an abusive ex...
  1. A sex-positive post that is also funny!? Yes please! - 16 thoughts girls have when they fanny fart.
  1. Refuse to fight small battles with petty people - I read this while feeling annoyed at certain petty people in my life haha. Basically, let it (or them) go!
  1. Elusive Arabian sand cat spotted after 10 years - cute cat and yay science and nature!
  1. AirBnB's racism problem is bigger than a few racist hosts - I knew AirBnB had an issue with racist hosts but I had no idea it was pushing people out of their homes.
  1. 10 things I learned from hitchhiking - I have wondered about hitchhiking for a while and this post has pretty much sold it to me! Pick me up, adventure awaits! Or something less goofy...
  1. Basil jalapeno corn fritters - I'm on a jalapeno hype since trying them for the first time on the Veg-Mex vegan burger at Handmade Burger Co. so I reeaaally can't wait to try them in this recipe. Corn is one of my fave vegetables as well! Who am I kidding, most vegetables are my fave vegetables!
  1. 20+ Disney Movies that are not for kids! - maybe you will already have heard of these films but I hadn't heard of the majority until Danielle made this wonderful list! 
  1. I failed my a-levels & ten years later I am running my own biz - some encouragement from a wonderful (and successful) blogger and biz owner.
  1. 9 Lies my OCD tells me - we could all stand to learn more about mental illnesses, and not just the seemingly 'popular' ones like depression or anxiety. OCD is one that too many people reeeeaaally don't understand, and I still hear so many people say shit like "I have to wash my plates up straight away, I'm sooo OCD hehe!" (a mate at uni legit said this, I ain't even joking). This post from Nicole is so raw and honest it'll give you a little insight into what it's like living with this mental illness.
  1.  Do you love PokemonGo but also love Horror?! Put them together you get the game Night Terrors! Which was actually proposed before PokemonGo before anyone says they copied... they are releasing later simply because it's been developed independently, unlike PokemonGo which is Nintendo. I'd probs be too scared to play alone but damn I wanna try this!
And now for three new favourites (new as in new to me, maybe not actually new to you!)
  1. Eco Fluffy Mama - Tamsin writes about reusable menstruation products and zero waste living. She's also hoping to bring back more lifestyle/personal posts to her blog! Yay
  2.  Thrifty Vintage Fashion - I am very new to reading Nicole's blog and I haven't spotted a fashion post yet! She writes amazingly about mental health (read her 9 Lies My OCD Tells Me post above), blogging, and photography, and probably much more but I've only spent the last couple of days stalking  ahem scrolling through her blog... 
  3.  And last, but deffo not least, Emma Lowther - this girl is so real and I totally wanna go to a festival with her and bitch about boys forever. Emma writes about feminism and politics, with some lifestyle posts thrown in for good measure.

I still have quite a few links saved up I wanna share! Ooh, do I add them to this post or save them for the next one? Maybe I'll save them and try and do another one sooner... read any good articles or blog posts lately? Let us know in the comments! Link to them even! Sharing is caring and whatnot 😉 

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