Sunday, 10 July 2016

Instamonth #June2016

In June I got drunk too many times and panicked about the future approximately a gazillion bajillion times. Which you mighta guessed from my last post. I'm a bit of a mess right now. Despite feeling so lost I have had a good month! Finishing uni is a huuge weight lifted! Massive congrats to anyone else graduating this year, and good luck to those who are continuing with their studies *pours prosecco*.

I spent my 21st in London with my family and boyfriend to see The Lion King and to eat yummy veggie/vegan food at an amazing veggie/vegan Indian restaurant right around the corner from the Lyceum theatre called Sagar. If you're ever in the area you must go! Service was impeccable, food was delish, and it wasn't expensive at all, especially for somewhere in London.

Lissie on stage at IOW festival || hair is NATURAL || festival selfie
another festival selfie || vodka and flavoured cider? meh || Arundel
True American Portsmouth style || #tipsy... || 21st birthday with these dweebs

Blogging right now is so much effort and I seem to have forgotten how to do it. I've been scrolling through pinterest for tips and my brain is saturated with them (so's my Blogging Tips board)! Now I actually have to implement them. Well actually first I gotta decide if I reeeaallyy wanna continue with this. I maaaybe want to get into a routine of posting once a week. I have all these ideas and start them but get bored early on and want to start something new. How do I just get on with it and finish something?! Even a drawing!

Gimme your best motivational tips in the comments!


  1. Hey Amber! My advice would be to read your favourite blog posts and talk to other bloggers. See what everyone is posting about and see if you get any ideas from that! I always go for periods of two weeks without having an idea of what to write!


  2. Vegan Indian food sounds so so good! I found a place here that sells vegan Indian food and another place that does Egyptian food, which I'm pretty stocked to try out!

  3. Big congratulations on completing your time at uni - yay! *pops party poppers* I felt so relieved after completing my final year and spent a good month just recovering from all of the studying so I hope you can enjoy some time off now. That restaurant sounds so good too; veggie/vegan Indian food sounds amazing! I had some at a Nepalese restaurant in Bath for one of my friend's birthday and I could have had tons more! Looks like you've had a fun month too, and on the blogging front, I've seen some blog prompts / ideas on Pinterest that might help? When I'm in a rut, I usually go for a walk, take plenty of photos, come back and write about the walk, what I saw, share my photos and how it made me feel. Sometimes even digging through my old photos and sharing those can be good fun, and I always find some hidden gems too! Hope you get your blogging mojo back soon. - Tasha

  4. I seem to have lots of ideas at the moment but just can't write a whole post on one thing! I end up tailing off and giving up. I think I need more structure and to fecking make myself do it. Or just give up on blogging for a bit I guess, I don't want to force it if I'm not enjoying it. Thanks for your encouragement lovely <3 x

  5. It was amaaazing! Ooh Egyptian food! What would that be? X

  6. Thank you!! It's been almost two months and I've still been quite busy, but had a break in Ireland with family yay :) I've never had Nepalese, but my dad was actually talking about it yesterday, coincidentally haha, and said it was really good!

    I've found a couple of blogging prompts on pinterest I think I'll try that thank you :) and I do need to get out for more walks anyway, I end up going the same places though. Weird being out of my normal routine, guess I'll settle back into something though.


  7. Ah nice! The food was very good if you ever get the chance to try it. I'm the same - it can take me a couple of weeks to hit my stride again. :)

  8. Hummus, chickpeas, rice, flat bread, falafel that kind of thing :)