Saturday, 18 June 2016

Instamonth #May2016

Ooft. I know it's not May anymore, but it's been a long ass month, or two. Or years who knows, I'm bloody knackered! Who else has finished exams for the year? We all deserve a damn break.
sunny day at the beach || sunrise || cous cous salad @ southsea beach cafe
aftermath of my 21st party || surprises || cocktails
new socks || pre-final exam selfie || beach walk selfie

The first half of May was spent revising and taking my final exams, then the second half was spent partying, as was most of June too! And enjoying the sun! Although that seems to have disappeared now *sadface*. We tried eating somewhere new in May, Southsea Beach Cafe, which is directly on the beach as the name would suggest with a stunning view of the sea and the Isle of Wight. We went twice actually. They only have one vegan option which is a cous cous salad and I'm pretty sure they made it differently each time, buuut I would still go back for a cheeky drink like their prosecco and passion fruit, and a jar of olives!

How are you all doing? X

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  1. There's something oddly satisfying about finding that one vegan option!