Thursday, 31 March 2016

Instamonth #March2016

I'm completely losing my blogging mojo - totally overwhelmed with all the tips and shit to do to make it all perfect etc. I'm trying to go back and re-work old posts and do that thing where you choose a niche that I've been completely avoiding. But I can't keep up with a general lifestyle blog 'cos I'm too busy and it's just not important enough, so I'll be writing less but hopefully, eventually writing more about the important shit that means something to me. 
new charity shop top in leopard print || baking vegan chocolate lava cakes! || clashing prints
playing with paints again || I made a ladybug friend! || Rosalind Franklin (shut up it totally looks like her, K)
posing for photos in the sun! || boyfriend-girlfriend nerd mugs || second selfie of the post omg #vain

#SorryNotSorry for being so sarky... this was a loooong month. Feels like its been at least three since my last Instamonth post. I had a poster presentation/research day where I presented my thesis along with all the other biological science 3rd years. It was actually fun, except the sweat, and lack of soy milk for coffee. The first draft of my thesis was due the day after so that's in too now I'm just waiting for feedback to polish it up. First and second years - enjoy having a life while you can! I wish they did at my uni. The library is always crammed with annoying little firsties like WHAT R YOU DOIN?! You has no work? Man, they are gonna regret it when they get to third year ahahaha...

I've been painting to chill out again. It's easier now to put on the radio and put everything down and focus on painting. It's not something I care about being perfect at or even 'good enough' at 'cos its just for me! I'm reading The Dark Lady of DNA about Rosalind Franklin - mate, Watson and Crick were DICKS! My lecturers always played down what they did as an 'accident' but oh my days were they sneaky bastards. Not to mention were they bitchy and petty as hell to Rosalind (yes we're on first names now #BFFs) but ofc, no one could take a woman seriously, god no. There's so much more to her! Did you know she hated England and loved France?! Just like me, yay! So I painted her, lost the will with the background clearly, but I love the colours. Totally symbolic of how there was so much more to her that people didn't know.

So thanks for reading my five minute ramble, if you did. If you didn't I really don't care either tbh. I'm in one of those "fuck it" moods, in case ye hadn't noticed.

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  1. Yay for painting! Not that I can paint, but yay for it for you!

  2. Write about whatever you want to. At the end of the day, it's really your space !

    Ah yes the bloody first years! No matter what degree or what location, I feel that they are always very much the same. I remember encountering them back when I was at uni ...

    nat - dignifiable