Thursday, 3 March 2016

Instamonth #February2016

am I ever going to stop with the puppy photos? || nope || oh an outfit
quick and easy vegan stir fry || views on the train home || but he's so cute
jurassic world bby || LOVE || my baby

If you wanna see even mooorrreee cute Dobby photos go to my insta page! I love him so much :') M, D, and Imi brought him home at the beginning of the month and Max and I met him at the end of his first week at home. He's such a snuggle bum. And a brat. I visited home again for a couple of days on my own this time and just got back yesterday, I couldn't go any longer without seeing him! Especially as we can now take him out for walks!

His confidence has grown so much since I last saw him - he's so cheeky he's now trying to sneak upstairs, and he's always after treats (I swear he squeezed out the tiniest wee just to get a treat). It's amazing how well positive reinforcements work... or just food 'cos he's a piggy.

For Valentine's Day Max and I ordered dominos and watched a horror film - best eva. And I drew a heart in the frost on the car.

I don't post outfits on the blog so much anymore but still do on insta, mirror selfies are just easier k, so, ya know, plug plug plug, follow follow follow ;) I love instagram - that's where da party's at now. If I'm not following you already go on and leave your link in the comments!

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