Monday, 22 February 2016

Happiness this week is... #63

Vegan lasagne - oh my stars it was delicious. OK, so I don't know how the fuck to cook lasagne, it looked like slop, but it tasted like warm, comforting, cheesy goodness! I'm great with adjectives.
 Going out to Tiger Tiger and getting absolutely smashed, but totally avoiding the dreaded hangover *smug shrug*. It was the 21st birthday of a friend of my boyfriend, so all the wine was consumed (and then all the sourz, hooch, and vodka lemonade...) and we danced all night to the best song ever to Spice Girls, Olly Murs, and all the general cheesy pop tunes they play in the cheesy pop tunes room. 
Planning and getting into a routine of revision and self-care. I ordered a Passion Planner after a friend recommended them when I told him my anxiety wasn't helping me get shit done. It arrived last week and its fab! I've been filling in what I can, giving structure to the bleak days of revision and thesis writing ahead. Plus it was another excuse to use scented highlighters (deffo a mircopleasure of mine).

Starting yoga again with this video from Adrienne. A nice simple routine to ease back into it. I've scheduled it into my Passion Planner for the week to ensure I take time out each day and do it!

Now tell me about YOUR week!

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