Monday, 15 February 2016

Happiness this week is... #62

DOBBYYYY! The puppy, not the house elf. Anyone who follows my insta/facebook/twitter will probably have seen a photo or several of the newest addition to my family household - let me formally introduce Dobby...
He's a very sleepy puppy, but he prefers to sleep on peoples laps...

Spending time with my family as well of course! It was (another) much needed break! I'm back in Portsmouth now feeling refreshed and motivated!

Take-out! We had a chinese at home with the fam on our last night and ordered a Dominos last night for a Valentine's treat! 

Opening my Valentine's card from Ayre, which I mentioned last week. Thank you so so much lovely, I'll have to send you a card back! I love snail mail! She wrote the loveliest message and its up on my noticeboard with other old Christmas and birthday cards to cheer me up whenever I need to read some kind words.

Aaand that's all the photos I have from this week! If you wanna see more you can head over to my instagram. How was your week? :)

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