Sunday, 7 February 2016

Happiness this week is... #61

Finally finishing all my coursework for the year, for the rest of my degree, before I graduate! Eeek! Now I just need to focus on my thesis, which is going well, and revision! Which I'm gonna have to do a lot of to smash these exams if I want a chance of getting a 1st. The weight of coursework has been lifted though.

Watching The Martian - ohmydaaays awesome, top notch film! Basically this spaceguy gets accidently left behind on Mars because his crew think he's dead and they dip off without him... so he tries to survive on Mars and he grows some potatoes. More happens but I don't want to give it away! It's funny, tense, full of action, feels, the works.
Finally fixing this heart shaped amber pendant onto my old choker! It was on offer while we were in Florida at the Jurassic Park section, ya know why, and I obvs needed more amber in my life, I mean who doesn't?! But it looks better on this than on the wire it came on.
 Playing with paints to help ease anxiety. I have a huge notepad so we just pulled out all my acrylics and brushes and went colour mad on this one sheet! I didn't try to do anything specific (unlike Max who tried to paint a fox and it looked kinda scary) so I didn't get frustrated with myself, I just splodged about the paint enjoying the feel of it, and yes, it helped ease my anxiety! I've also been doing really quick crummy sketches of creatures from my Harry Potter creature picture book to keep my hands busy.
 Receiving this in the post from Ayre, though I can't open it until Valentine's Day! It's sat waiting on my dresser and has already put a smile on my face - thank you Ayre for cheering me up! 
Soya chocolate milk never fails to make me happy so I always have a stock of it, and usually soya yoghurt and chocolate pots too, as well as the obvious plain soya milk for mah muesli and tea. Being vegan rocks guys, get on this shiz.

How has your week been? :)

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  1. I am glad the course work is going well. Don;t work too hard and don't worry if you don't get a 1st you'll still do well. <3 I love the amber pendant, it's so cute. Wish I had a name like that so I could get cute stuff like this. :) I am glad you'd a great week!


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  2. Ah you're so close to the finish now! It'll feel like such a relief when it's all over. Good luck!

    Beautiful pendant, I love the colour! I never see much amber jewellery about.

    Glad you had a good week :) x

    Issy | MissIsGoode xox

  3. Thank you lovely :') I'm going home for the rest of this week so will be nice to have a change of scenery and a rest. Yeh - i totally take advantage of being called Amber, my birthstone is Pearl which I hate and aren't vegan so I'll just take amber instead :P xo

  4. So so close... I can't imagine it! I must catch up on your blog - your posts are preparing me for being a graduate! And I'll be in a similar situation to you, except my partner will be moving in with me and my parents. Until I hopefully am accepted to do a Masters the year after so it'll be bearable... :P

    I always keep an eye out for it, though this was from Florida haha so bit of a mish away! xo