Sunday, 10 January 2016

Happiness this week is is... #58

Finally having some me-time and much needed chill. Though I should be working on my next piece of coursework due, I needed to get a grip and get re-organised and part of that obviously involved using watercolour pencils and it kind of turned into a dreamy colourful mess... twas fun though!
Portsmouth! The weather's been a bit all over the place, but with it have come some beautiful skies! But even when its been grey I'm happy back in Portsmouth, by the sea, and in a city.

Spending only some of a £20 gift voucher in Topshop on two phone cases (for my fancy ass new phone - now highly protected). I found a rubber pink glitter one, and a hard case with pastel hearts and a pug face on it, both in the sale!

Rainbows! And more beautiful skies! And my awesome iPhone 6 for capturing these photos. And my awesome parents' for giving me said phone...*hugs*

 Listening to thunderstorms, and hail on the roof, and watching lightning and colourful skies. There's something comforting about being snuggled up inside on a rainy stormy day. My heart goes out to people who don't have a safe place to stay.
I've been feeling a bit down all week, and haven't really been able to do anything of interest to post on the blog. I finished some boring shitty ass coursework (it got me so angry), handed it in, carried on with the next piece of coursework due. And slept, watched all of Making a Murderer on Netflix, paid some overdue bills, made vegetable soup, yep my life is souper boring... ha. ha.

How was your week? 

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