Monday, 4 January 2016

Happiness this week is... #57

I had the best post-Christmas week, Max came down and stayed at my parents' with me for a couple of days. We tried to get pizza at Pizza Express when he arrived, which you'd think would be easy but LOL NO they'd run out of pizza dough.... So we dipped off and picked up a dominos instead.

Making up for our missed meal out we ended up getting cocktails and corn on the cob with sweet potato fries at Smith & Western. It's unusually themed...old western style. So luckily they had vegan sides we could put together. We had only been after chips and tea from the cafe in Tilgate park, but it was closed. Not complaining.
On our second day in Sussex we visited a shop called Trading Boundaries, simply 'cos my parents said we'd like it, and that we did! They sell wonderful colourful furniture and cushions and throws imported from India. We decided we'll go back and buy it all when we are rich. 

Live bands sometimes play, so the cafe inside is dark with green spotlights and fairy lights everywhere, super cosy. But while we were there it was just a cafe, full of squishy sofas and more quirky furniture. I'm saving my pennies.

New Year's Eve was a cracking night spent with friends, prosecco, and pizza. And New Year's Day was equally lovely, mostly spent in bed, but we made sure we got out for a walk!

How was your week? 

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