Friday, 22 January 2016

2016 Bucket List of Films

This time last year I wrote a bucket list of films I wanted to watch before the end of 2015. Some new releases, others old ones I'd wanted to watch for ages. I didn't quite complete the list, but I'm glad I made it and so have put together another for 2016! I'm carrying over the ones from 2015 I didn't manage to watch... unless I've lost interest in them which is very possible. I'll start with the new 2016 list, and have included vague release dates/months for films coming out this year.
The Witch - March
Julieta - August 
High Rise - March
The Girl on the Train - ??? I actually don't think this will be released in the UK until 2017 but I have never been so excited for a book-based film since Gone Girl!
Beasts of no Nation
Panic Room
Would You Rather - we got really into horrors and films where groups of people get mash up, but with a decent storyline or message too, like The Exam, or the second Purge film (the first one sucked, don't bother).
The Central Park Five
Case 39
Eye for an Eye
The Magdalene Sisters

And the carry-overs from 2015 that made the cut are...
Blue Ruin
Dear White People
Force Majeure
The Guest
Love is Strange
We are the Best!
All the original Planet of the Apes films which I still haven't watched despite getting them last Christmas...

If you know of any films I may like (going from this list and that I am a feminist and horror/thriller lover) suggest it in the comments so I can add it!  

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  1. I want to see "Danish Girl" so badly. I have read the book and all so I am hyped to see it. :) There are a lot of good releases coming out. I want to read girl on the train actually and I have started getting interested in reading a lot of books.


  2. I haven't seen any of those films haha. I'm pretty shitty at watching films tbh. This year, I'd like to read some more :)

  3. Wow an interesting list here, I'll have to check these out as I haven't heard of many but they sound like some very interesting and intriguing titles. Can't wait for Girl On The Train either! Also you've reminded me about Dear White People as I really wanted to see that and haven't yet, will have to watch that soon too.
    Louise :) x

  4. I have never seen any of those films before lol. I love action or romance, but mostly action films :)

    Arianne | Ayre

  5. I've heard the film really doesn't do the book justice :( I need to read it! I think they portray the relationship quite badly in the film, and ofc they should have had a trans actress to play the role of a trans-person! When you see it let me know what you think and how it compared to the book, would love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Deffo read The Girl on the Train -wicked book! Can't wait for the film!

  6. I never used to watch many films, but Max and my housemates got me into it! Everyone always discussed films I'd never seen, so now I can join in haha! But yes, I need to read more too. But I'm giving myself until I finish exams for that, I read enough as it is le sigh.

  7. I've been meaning to watch Dear White People for ages, but I noticed its on Netflix now so I will watch it soon! xo

  8. I love action films too, and thrillers, and horrors. I watched Panic Room the other day, it's soooo good! I love films that manage to keep suspense up and keep a storyline going while focusing on one area.

  9. I have actually never watched any of those films....Kind of feeling like I should have though!
    Gone Girl is on my list but I just never get around to watching it!


  10. Deffo watch Gone Girl! But i still suggest reading the book first if you haven't yet :P

  11. Very similar taste in films. Case 39 is really enjoyable. I've had Would You Rather on my watch list for a while now - did you enjoy it?

    The Rose Quartz

  12. I've only just seen your comment! I'm so sorry for not replying sooner! I still haven't watched any new films off this list since last time I updated it. Would You Rather was surprisingly good! I'm always wary of obvious storylines like that but I enjoyed it :P

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