Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Mental Health || Stress

I have a few posts written up in a notebook but I just don't feel like typing them up and sorting through photos. It's too much work at the moment. I'm stressed to fuck. Anxiety and dermatillomania have reared their ugly heads again lately. AND I had a UTI which I'm still feeling the effects of, but I'm not even sure if it's still the UTI or the anxiety (needing to wee a lot is a symptom of anxiety).

When I'm not doing uni work I feel anxious. I dunno why, but studying is my hibernation. It de stresses me, gives me something to focus on. At the same time I'm stressed because of all the uni work I've had recently. So much coursework... 
I'm worried about my health, because of the things I've mentioned, and I feel like I'm on the edge of an emotional breakdown. I'll probably have my traditional break down de stress cry as soon as I get back to my parents' house. It's like everything I hold in just releases, which sucks (and sorry to my dear family) but I always feel better after. I know family time over Christmas will do me good, even if I do have another three sets of coursework, plus my thesis to be working on over the hols. I'm apparently so worried about my health 'cos I just took a break from writing this to look up stomach ulcers.

Going home for Christmas should sort me out.

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