Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Instamonth #November

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Well November just disappeared what the hell... completely and utterly not ready for December and (dare I mention it) Christmas! I have so much coursework and studying to do, I don't know how I'm gonna find the time to make Christmas presents... gonna have to try and get even more creative this year! Speaking of being creative, I've been trying more vegan foods! I made scrambled tofu for the first time and had it on toast with violife "cheese" and grilled tomatoes. I am really not a breakfast person but this I could eat! The soup was actually a huge fail and gross, but was part of an attempted #PhotoAnHour post so went up on instagram anyway... and I did eat it! I just totally didn't enjoy it.

We went to see the fireworks at Gunwharf, near the start of November, which was Lush. I think the fireworks there were the best this year! But I recently found out fireworks aren't cruelty free/vegan *gasps*. Like what?! You wouldn't believe all the every day shit that has animal something in it, ew. Fireworks are one of my fave things though, so I'll either have to find vegan fireworks, or make some of my own... I have until New Years to prepare! How do I avert my eyes and not enjoy other people's fireworks though?! Oh Lord, it's getting more and more complicated... Not trying to put anyone off veganism, it's something all us humans are headed towards anyway, there's no other way we can  all survive, unless we start culling each other, which wouldn't surprise me knowing how barbaric humans can be... anyway I went off on a weird tangent there...

Being vegan is actually so easy! And sure I'm finding out new things to avoid, like whey! I didn't know it was a by-product of milk! And for some weird reason it's in my 'cruelty free' approved washing up liquid! So the brand ecover is a nope for vegans, next I'm gonna try astonish, I've heard good things.

Have you considered cutting down on your meat or going vegan?
And how was your November? 

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