Thursday, 5 November 2015

Instamonth #October

birthday shots for the birthday boys || neon pink barrym lipstick || grey forever
morning at my parents' house || chocolate vegan brownie || hello kitty
organic pure cotton veeda tampons || red lipstick || did I mention I made chocolate vegan brownies?

I wore lipstick twice this month! I actually think it was more than twice 'cos I've worn that red lippy out a few times recently. Sometimes, when I'm feeling ill and crummy I like to dress my face up a bit more than usual. And I have lots of lovely make up which I shouldn't waste!

It was my boyfriend's and housemate's birthday near the start of October, so naturally we went pub for birthday shots and pool. And I spent a weekend at my parents' for a late celebration of my dad's birthday - we went out for a walk in Tilgate park and for pizza. It was vegan pizza for me, don't worry ;-) I'm not doing too bad with the whole vegan thing so far! I created a vegan banana brownie recipe by chucking some things in a blender, and they turned out delicious (I actually have another batch cooling in the kitchen right now).

How has your October been?

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