Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Happiness this week is... #55

I can barely remember anything from before the weekend... anyone else ever get that? I'm sure I was mostly studying, so basically all the happy things are from the weekend (or food).

Baked sweet potato and beans. My new fave dinner basically, perfect with a little side salad. Can you believe it was my first time to try baked sweet potato?!
Having a weekend break at my parents' with Max. It was a much needed break! We did a lot of relaxing, lots of walking, and watched Jurassic World (and I wore my new Jurassic World sweater).

Pizza, and pinot grigio! There's gonna be a lot of food in this post... and yes the pizza was vegan (no cheese, vegan base). I went to Pizza Express with Max and my family to celebrate my dad's birthday, usually Pizza Express are awesome, but they cooked mine wrong and ended up turning the sultanas into charcoal so we sent it back, and the next one I got they drowned in sultanas... not sure if it was meant to be a nice gesture or not...
Countryside walks; something I very much miss about home. We went to Tilgate Park, admired the colourful leaves and other peoples' dogs, ate chips, and explored. Max and I also walked the 'country road' route into town. We saw sheep, cows, and stroked some horses.
Courgette and pea soup. I was wary to try this but OMFGKJKASJ how amazing! I had this at a family owned place called CJ's in my hometown, sat out on the terrace overlooking the old church and graveyard, with a fruity cider. A perfect goodbye to the last of good weather.

How has your week been? :-)

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