Monday, 12 October 2015

Blog Evolution

This blog started with outfit posts, as many blogs do, and little chit chats about my life. Ya know, like stuff about guinea pigs and barbecues. As I started reading more blogs I saw other types of posts that everyone did; wish lists, hauls, and beauty reviews, which I added to my schedule. I gradually added in book reviews, music playlists, and a student life series as I started uni, and I started to write about feminism and mental health.
So not everything I've listed is particularly interesting to write about anymore. I'm sure I've said this before but, as we grow and change, our blogs grow with us.

Now, I'm hoping to post 2-3 times a week, including my weekly happiness lists. I love writing them and it's a chance to reflect on the positives each week, and to catch up with all ye of course!

So yes, I am narrowing down what I'll be writing about but don't worry, I haven't sunk as low as a niche ;-) I'd call it more of a theme.

Everything I post I want to be useful to me and you in some way. To bring happiness and community, even if I do that by posting another Feel Shit Friday! I'll continue to write about mental health and feminism, hopefully in an educational and encouraging way.
I'm not sure there's room for outfit posts in this theme, but I like what I wear and so far being in front of the camera and posting photos of myself online has improved my confidence loads - and that can only be a good thing! So I might incorporate outfit posts with body positivity. Or I like what Danielle is doing, pointing out that's it's ok to be a blogger and wear casual clothes - you can still look rad af, which I think Danielle and I prove ;-) let me know what you think!

Y'all know you are the most important part of blogging to me, so if there's anything you find particularly useful let me know! I love sharing life hacks, especially for productivity. I'm always trying to be my best self, I think a lot of people are, so just maybe something on this blog will improve some aspect of your life, even if it is just a new recipe, or a new friend!

How has your blog changed over the years (or months)? What changes were successful, and which ones weren't? 

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