Thursday, 3 September 2015

I'm a real designer now

*Bracelet - designed by ME(!!!) using Mink & Stone

I'm finally back in Portsmouth and back at the beach! And I am now an offical designer *shrugs*. See dat hella cool bracelet I'm wearing? Yeh. I designed that. Which I know I mentioned in the photo caption but just to make sure ye guys know... I DESIGNED IT MYSELF! 

Y'all might think it's ugly af but idc, like.
You can design your own using the Mink & Stone website from their selection of bracelets and necklaces and beads. And by creating a 'tray' you can save which beads you like the most and pick ones from different collections. I struggle to find jewellery that I like, it all gets a bit samey after a while, and yes, I knoowww it's not exactly a groundbreaking design (I've seen some amazing designs on Mink & Stone's instagram account) but I wanted something neutral, hence the wooden beads, but more of a statement than something dainty so I can wear it every day, but also not too much of a statement that it seems like I'm making a statement...? Get whaddda meaan?
There are plenty of designs to view on the website for a bit of inspiration, or to purchase for yourself! You can save multiple designs when you sign in so you don't have to choose right away, I made a few before settling on this one. If you publish your designs on the website you earn rewards each time someone buys one of them!

We managed to catch a few rays down at the beach the other day, I even took my jumper off! I'm so happy to be back right by the sea. It makes me feel so at peace, know what I mean? Nothing brings me back to the present like listening to waves crashing only several feet from me. And hey, the sun deffo helped! 
What do you think of the bracelet? Not that I really care if you dislike it LOL, but it's pretty cool that there was a tool for me to design something for myself! As someone who is damn picky with her jewellery, I like this concept very much and would also very much recommend it to others, I'll be keeping it in mind for special, more personal gifts.

*Disclaimer; I was supplied with a voucher from Mink & Stone to review their service, having the chance to design my own jewellery was perfect, thank you!


  1. I love the bracelet. It has such a natural and earthy vibe which is the kind of style I think suits you best from reading your blog. I will definitely have to design something of my own some time. It feels so unique and personal.


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  2. Aw thank you! That's the exact vibe I was going for :D it's a great website to build up designs and save them, and by publishing them if people purchase your designs you get rewards, and eventually can build up enough to spend, like the boots advantage cards but more fun :P

  3. You know, I definitely think you're making a statement. It's hard to tell, but there's a statement in there some where.

    I think you're getting too cool, ya know.

  4. Super cute! Love doing little projects like this! X

    All black errythin' fun over on-

  5. Oh I love going to the beach!
    cool bracelet!! :D

  6. Thank you :) me too, I loved being able to design it all myself and have the perfectly made bracelet delivered to me!

  7. Me too, so happy to be back in Portsmouth by the sea!

  8. Love it! It suits the photo location very well too!