Sunday, 20 September 2015

Happiness this week is... #54

Sunshine! It's been warm enough to spend time down at the beach, just lying in the sun, I haven't done that in like three months!

My new blanket cape. OMG guys, I'm obsessed. Why did I not try one on before?! I think I thought they were too 'on trend' but it turns out I can even make a blanket cape look slobby. 

Catch up chats with friends. One of my closest friends is going on her placement year abroad now so I've been a bit sad since saying goodbye. We attempted to do a good deed and donate blood, I've had my first appointment booked for weeks, turns out even when you turn 20 there are weight limits. Huh.
Straight. Up. Chillin. I haven't had this long a break in ages! Probably since last summer. It's only been a few weeks break but it's been enough to relax and settle back in (although I still keep looking the wrong way when crossing the road).

Getting organized! If there is such a thing as a professional organizer (I'm pretty sure there is) I would be amazing at it. It seriously feels good though to be ready and organized for starting uni tomorrow! 

So that was my week, how was yours? 

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