Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Etsy Love

Dammit why can't I have all the money in the world (Geri Haliwell style) to buy all theee cute and geeky things on etsy! Did you know a staggering majority of etsy sellers are women? So I am making it a point to support these women. Here are five of my favourite etsy sellers...

1. Rachel Ignotofsky - a designer and illustrator, I particularly love her Women in Science prints and posters, like this Jane Goodall one. She also sells t-shirts and pillows featuring her designs.

2. Jam Jar - came on my radar a year or so again, though I am still yet to make an order! Her puppy and kitty nail transfers are my faves.

3. Snark Factory - I obviously love the obvious feminist quotes in pastel colours and hearts! Squee! There are so many things and designs to choose from as well, I couldn't possibly pick a favourite, I think my first order from them will be these fuck the patriarchy ear rings.

4. Charming Sushi - for all you geek girls out there! So many pokemon accessories, I wasn't even a big fan but I still want these pokeball ear rings! I could also totally go for these Deathly Hallows ear rings.

5. High on Hemp - OK so this shop don't have a very personal 'about' section so I don't even know if the founder is a woman! But it's one of my faves and I actually purchased this leaf charm anklet from them two years ago and it's still going strong despite how much wear it's had!

Recommend me your favourite etsy shops please! I'm always wanting to follow more :-) 


  1. Fab post, it's great to see bloggers posting about independent designers! I've made it my mission this year to try and buy more Christmas gifts from smaller businesses. Off the top of my head I like Aubergine Fox and AnastasiaMarieShop. And Frojo Designs *plugplug* ;-) x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. I haven't really ever shopped on etsy but I always see the cutest things on there and hear great things about it. I really must try it out.

  3. There's always so much good stuff on Etsy, although I rarely shop there. I rarely shop at all really, so that's probably why haha

  4. Oh how I love Etsy, I spend hours drooling over beautiful things. This is a great post, thanks for introducing some really great picks here. Looking forward to having a good browse!

  5. God damn how could I forget you!! I don't think I've favourited your shop on etsy yet so that would be why... I'll go do that now hehe. I was going to... but I think I'm going to make my own presents this year :P

  6. Deffo do! It's great to support small businesses!

  7. Me too, rarely shop, and very rarely buy anything off Etsy, but I love browsing and saving items, for when I do have all the money in the world...

  8. Aw good I'm glad you enjoyed this! They ARE great picks hehe :P can't wait to order from some of them!