Monday, 31 August 2015

Happiness this week is... #53

Another full, busy week! I like being busy, it means I have less time for blogging and reading and generally doing fuck all, and I've been living out of a suitcase again but what else is new. I'm liking the business, it means my brain doesn't have enough time to dwell or worry.

Staying with family in Ireland. I'd barely been back in the UK for a week when we packed up our dinky cases and nipped across the pond to visit family in Ireland! The weather actually held out for a day and we headed out for a lovely walk with two of my aunts, and six little cousins in tow. Six little cousins who make my heart warm and who are the kindest little people I know.
Not giving a damn about the people who don't matter. I ran down hills, I peddled a Go-Kart around the block with two of my cousins in the trailer in the back knowing I looked ridiculous, but did I care? Hell naw. They bring out my inner child.

Trying more vegan food, I am still transitioning, i.e. making mistakes like eating a packet of quavers before realising they have milk powder in them. But my aunt whom with we stayed whipped a delicious vegan chocolate flapjack type dessert (I have no idea what to call it) with avocado and cacao powder. I was very impressed.

Shopping day with my mam and sister. We were specifically getting my sister smart office clothes for sixth form (eek) and me anti-dandruff shampoo (eew). We may have also picked up a few other things...
This was left at the house for our return to the house... whoops.

Returning to Portsmouth! As if it's been so long since I've been home! I'm back by the sea, in my huge double bed, NEW KITCHEN OMG, new curtains... ahah I could cry with happiness! I am very happy that I will be settled in one place for longer than two months now!

Victorious festival in Southsea, which was the same day I travelled down to Portsmouth, but I had been dying to go since I missed it last year, and especially since I found out The Fratellis were playing! They were AWESOME, so were JAWS, it was a fab day and night despite the rain, I'm really back in England now...

Phew. Long ass post, but I couldn't narrow it down! Next week is set to be a great week too, and today I am finally relaxing! How was your week? :-)

To see more photos of France, Ireland, and Portsmouth see my instagram page!


  1. That photo of you and your cousins is so lovely! Sound slike you've had a fab week

    Coleoftheball xx

  2. Apparently milk powder in crisps is a thing... Kris bought some onion rings to find out they had milk powder in them.

    What dandruff shampoo did you get? Kris's hair is awful at the moment (I'm blaming the constantly changing weather) and he wants to try different shampoos out. It's quite hard finding a cruelty free dandruff shampoo.

  3. Thank you, I do love this photo :')

  4. Yeh! I'm only just getting used to it! Ibought Rehab shampoo from Lush but it's quite harsh so isn't meant to be used too regularly lol, so I have now also found that Superdrug have some new products specifically for dandruff! They didn't have shampoo but I picked up conditioner and a hair 'tonic' whatever that is... I can't remember if you said Belgium doesn't have Superdrug though?

  5. Hmm, I might have a look at the rehab shampoo. I think Lush also has a shampoo bar for dandruff, has something like cade oil in it...
    No Superdrug in Belgium, but they might ship to Belgium, so I think I'll take a look. I can always order them home and get the fam to ship them to me!