Sunday, 2 August 2015

Happiness this week is... #50

NUMBER 50?! Say whaaaa...
Visiting Clisson and the castle there with my host family last weekend! My camera died 'cos it was a bit spontaneous... it was so beautiful though, you'll have to take my word for it! All I managed to get were some photos of a river where we stopped before heading to the castle, the village, and the medieval themed markets! Everyone was dressed up, there were so many stalls full of amazing hand made trinkets, and the smell of freshly whipped candyfloss (is that right? Does one 'whip' candyfloss?).
RNA extractions. All week. Which gets kinda tedious but I like that I can just get on with everything and don't need help at all. And that the majority of samples are looking good... so far! 

Three day weekend, wooo! I got Friday off because there would be no one in our lab at all and I couldn't work there on my own! Two were on holiday, and two were going off to a festival! We are a very small lab in the big lab...

Thought provoking documentaries. Not gonna lie, depression has kicked me in the butt recently. And, as morbid as it sounds, but sometimes all I can do is watch a dark and chilling documentary. I've watched a few this week and they're all bloody good. I seem to be running out of decent dark and chilling documentaries to watch though... any recommendations to fuel this addiction?!

Narrowing down the blogs I follow to the ones that I really enjoy. Sorry if I unfollowed you... I have just been finding too many of blogs so samey and preachy... so if I still follow you, well done, that means you stand out from the crowd ;-)

Giant mugs of tea. I have very sweetly been given a big mug that says 'la mer' on it from little Eric (well his parents' really...) for looking after him one night when he cried and screamed because he fell into the cupboard. I have no idea why little ones like me so much but his face lights up whenever he sees me!
Finding a more peaceful side to Nantes. I find the town centre with all the shops a bit too busy, too many drunks, smells of piss... not my fave. But I wandered towards La Loire and found the memorial of the abolition of slavery, Ile des machines, and basically a much more relaxed side of Nantes. I sat by the river and shared my paprika peanuts with some cute little birds. It always is the simple things that make me feel settled.

I hope you don't mind the odd collection of photos there! I don't really have the opportunity to take any during the week, so these are some I took on my walk along La Loire. I will be putting some into other posts, maybe some guides on things to do and see? There doesn't seem to be much out there on guides to Nantes! What do you think? And how has your week been? Any adventures? :-)

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