Monday, 24 August 2015

5 Reasons Dismaland is the Truest Thing RN

1. The Orca jumping out of a toilet and about to go through a hoop being held by a performer clad in wetsuit. I don't think this needs much explaining (which is kind of the theme for the rest of this post... if you haven't seen any news about it have a quick catch up so you know what I'm chatting about).

2. The little boats on the boat pond filled with migrants.

3. Cinderella? Diana?

4. The horse meat scandal. Although I like to think of it as all meat... I mean that's how they kill all the animals people eat. Also the sign saying "Free hot dog if you can guess what animal it's made with". This appeals to me muchly.

5. The 'pocket money loans' shop.

I don't really want to explain them further, you can look at the photos and make your own minds up about what you think. Obvs a lot is relevant to the UK at the moment (I know there's a piece with David Cameron's face on it) and it's all very anti-consumerist and apocalyptic. I mean duh with a name like Dismaland... go to the website for more info.



  1. I'm so intrigued about Dismaland, I really want to visit it to see it in person. I totally agree with all of your points too! x

  2. Oh wow that's pretty cool!

  3. He has an amazing way of saying (showing) what so many people are thinking, I'm super excited about Dismaland and all the truths it offers!
    M x

  4. Oh me too! I doubt I'll get the chance to though :( I hope they extend it!

  5. Oh it looks amazing, dying to go!

  6. He really does, I wish I could get that much meaning across without any words!