Monday, 27 July 2015

What I've learnt so far from my summer in France

Lickle balls of cells // oyster embryos
1. I LOVE lab work. Like, a lot! It may have something to do with the lab that I'm in and the amazing people I get to work with every day, but just knowing that I can do this feels awesome!

2. Oysters are smelly.

3. Working abroad is lonely. I know I just said the people I work with are awesome, but every evening I come home to a house full of strangers and I just wish I could come home to my family and friends instead. I don't think travelling alone is for me. All the awesome things I've seen or want to go see I am immediately like "oh so-and-so would love this!" I just want to share all of this with someone.

4. I am way too sensitive to temperature! It's not even extreme temperatures here, but if I get too hot I feel dizzy and sick, but if it's cold I feel that all too easily as well! And then I get laughed at...

5. It's bloody hard being vegetarian and trying to be vegan in France. So hard.

6. I miss having my own kitchen. There just isn't enough space in the one here for me and everyone else trying to squeeze in! So often I don't cook/eat or I eat at weird times. I can't wait to get back to Portsmouth 'cos we'll have a brand new kitchen waiting for us eeek!

7. I always say I hate kids, and then people point out how good I am with them. And yes I love some kids (my cousins mostly) so I've learnt that actually I hate screamy, whiny, bratty, smelly kids. I have never heard children scream so much (maybe my cousins are all just super chirpy and lovely for little rugrats?!).
8. I like peace and quiet, too much noise makes me anxious. My host family are a loud family, and that's fine, for them. But shouting, door slamming, children screaming, and stomping around the house instead of walking all makes me super antsy. Which is part of the reason I'm hardly blogging, I actually can barely focus when they're in the house because I'm so on edge.

9. Everywhere is cheaper than England! Everywhere in Europe I mean ;-)

10. The rest of Europe really couldn't give a fuck about England either (and I'm not surprised).

I can't think of many bloggers who have studied abroad, I have a couple in mind, and only one who specifically did Erasmus in France... speak up or forever hold your peace if you've had any study abroad experience and any surprises you learnt during it! If not, is it something you would like to do? 

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