Friday, 3 July 2015

Guest Post || University Essentials

Going to uni is a very exciting time in a teenager’s life. The summer before leaving is filled with trips to the mall for new clothes, forwards and backward to stationary shops for all the pens and paper you’ll need and endless family outings to ikea to stock up on furniture. You know the kinds of things you need in your day to day life but university isn’t like living at home and there are sure to be things that you never thought you would need.

Some people will already have this in their list and some won’t but it will be sure to come in handy when you have a headache from lectures or staring at computer screens too long which. You’ll also be glad you brought them when you wake up with a hangover.

These will be important for both those nights that you fancy going out and those that you don’t. Have you ever tried stuffing a tiny bedroom full with all your housemates and trying to watch a movie on your laptop and its pathetic speakers? It’s impossible to hear everything over the giggling and crisp packet rustling so speakers are a must. Likewise, trying to listen to music on your laptop with a house full of pre-drinking students is no fun - you want to be able to hear the music and get in the mood for your big night so another perfect time to get the speakers out.

Takeaway menus
You will probably be given loads of these during fresher’s week but be sure to bring them back with you. You’re in a new city with a whole range of new takeaways to try and as students, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up having lots of takeaway nights with your new housemates.

Extension lead
See! Not the type of thing you would think you will need on a day to day basis but think about it - in this day and age we have lots of things that need charging so if you only have two plug sockets, how are you going to charge your phone, laptop, iPad and printer all at the same time as well as keeping your side lamp and printer switched on?

Door Stop
This is going to be very useful in helping you to make friends with your housemates. An open door is much more welcoming than a closed one and hopefully they will wander in for a chat!

Post brought to you by Nurofen

I'm gonna be smug and tell you guys that I remembered Nurofen when I came to uni! I'm one of those people with a little bag to store all medicines and plasters! The rest though I actually didn't think of... and I really think the extension lead is worth remembering, I'm lucky my housemates' brought a couple! FYI I wasn't endorsed (is that even the right word?!) for this post, I decided to go ahead anyway seeing as I am super busy with my work placement, and damn this post is good! Massive thanks to Georgina and Nurofen! xo


  1. I was the same with the little bag of medicine and plasters! I was mocked, but all my housemates came to me when they cut themselves haha! x

  2. I agree with all of the things mentioned, another thing that has been getting me through college is a Diary with a to do list. It keeps me on track and reminds me of the things that I have to do whether it's food shopping or project work etc!


  3. Omg, I needed this post.
    I'm going back to Uni in a couple of days and I've been going crazy thinking if I'm missing something, I should bring. Loved reading it.

    -Rupsha | Blog-Lovesicklilac | Twitter-b_rupsha

  4. Exactly! Everyone asks me for painkillers, not so stupid huh! xo

  5. Ah yes i always write to do lists! One of my housemates bought me the cutest post it notes which I always use :) xo

  6. Haha I know how you feel! I have stuff scattered around three different houses and I don't know exactly what is where! xo