Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Team catwalk or team comfort?

Someone once said "the airport is my runway" I think it was Victoria Beckham. I'm pretty sure it was. And it kinda seems that way for a lot of people! Then you have people who dress in those god-awful velour tracksuit sets with their hair still in matching pink rollers (no judgement, I swear).

I like to think I'm somewhere in between. Which makes me smug. 'Cos hellooo I'm comfortable, and look hella cool *swishes hair and pouts*. Seriously though, you guys know me, you know what my outfit posts are like! I like to choose bold prints on comfy material, or just rock the student-traveller look, which is totally a thing by the way.
 Oh look! A flat lay!
As I keep mentioning (and will continue to mention until something more interesting happens in my life) I'm in France! Which means I don't have my professional photographer to help take snaps. So, I've tried flat lays for the first time to attempt to show you what I'll be wearing on my flight home in August!

Did I mention bold prints and comfy material already...?
Jumpsuit and silver shoes both from Topshop...
I've actually worn this jumpsuit in an outfit post before, paired with my chunky knitted cardigan that my nana knit me, which you can see here. It would actually be the perfect outfit to fly in but I didn't bring the cardi with me because France is hot (supposedly, it's been raining and cold the past few days) but aeroplanes always have the air con turned waaayyy up and I always get freezing! Which means I also always wear socks. Just had to be clear about that...

I also included some clutter, 'cos, ya know, it wouldn't be a flat lay without the extra bits ;-) I nearly always have a book with me on the plane, and plane or no plane, my burt's bees lip balm goes wherever I go! I used to have some refreshing moisturising face spray which I actually took on the plane when I went to Florida! Here I've pictured The Body Shop's Aloe Soothing Day Cream, which to be honest is overpriced but it was on offer, and it comes in a dinky little pot, perfect for carrying on the plane! 

The flight to France is quite short, but because I've been here so long I have a big suitcase to bring back and a weeny one for hand luggage. Unforch as I'm flying with easyjet this means I have to stuff everything I need on the flight in there, some airlines actually allow you to have a little 'accessory' as well, i.e. a little bag to put your essentials in. Obviously your passport and boarding pass need to be easily accessible so I honestly don't know why all airlines don't allow it! I didn't actually know if easyjet allowed this or not, but found out from Purple Parking's handy hand luggage allowances table, which compiles the information from most major airlines (some of the further information is highly amusing  - easyjet allow crutches and walking frames, how generous).

I have to ask... are you team catwalk or team comfy? Or somewhere in between? ;-)

This post was sponsored by Purple Parking, but, as always, opinions in this post are purely my own!

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