Thursday, 16 July 2015

Taking Stock #3

Irrelevant photo of the Japanese Garden in Nantes. Enjoy.
Making: PCR mix. Every day
Cooking: no
Reading: research papers about oysters
Wanting: to go home
Looking: pretty tanned right now, not gonna lie
Wasting: time doing shit all
Fixing: lol I don't fix things
Deciding: whether to do my masters in France or Belgium...
Wishing: all my family and friends could move to France with me and live happily ever after
Enjoying: soya chocolate yoghurts
Waiting: for my fave person to come visit me in France!
Liking: sleep
Wondering: why some people are such dicks
Loving: lab work!
Considering: moving away from he UK
Watching: Pretty Little Liars... I'm hooked!
Needing: another weekend break
Smelling: probably not very pleasant as it's so hot I'm constantly sweaty
Wearing: as little as possible
Knowing: nothing (John Snow)
Thinking: of what to do this weekend
Feeling: lonely
Admiring: the photos of the beautiful views I took in Belgium
Buying: vintage skirts
Bookmarking: masters courses...
Opening: post from mam! Tea bags and my student card!
Giggling: nope

Long time no speak. How are you all? xo


  1. Belgium, Masters in Belgium ;) We'll still be here for the next three years and I need another human being to hang out with that doesn't drive me crazy :)

    I picked up 4 2€ skirts after we dropped you at the train on Tuesday, one of way to bright for Belgium so I can't wait to wear that to work!

    Like I said - need a friend, I'm all ears and eyes :)

  2. Dammit think I've chosen Nantes already ;) still not for a couple of years though, and France is at least closer to Belgium than...pretty much anywhere else haha!

    I saw the pic of them! Whatta bargain!!

  3. Love these type of posts, they're just so simple yet fun to read! I love PLL so much, each episode keeps getting better and better! Loving the Game of Thrones reference too, can you tell I'm a fan of TV shows? ;) Great post!!

    -Nabeela x