Friday, 31 July 2015

Instamonth #July

Artois || amber jewellery || butterflies in Belgium
on the train || some more patterned tights || sunset
pizzaaaa! || lunch on the beach || classic snakebite

Most instamonth posts usually start with me saying 'oh what a crazy month' or 'it went so fast!' and I guess this month was also pretty mad, I mean, I am in France, and I did get to go to Belgium for the first time and met an internet friend! Sometimes I feel it's all gone really fast, but looking back I'm like jeez.... this month was actually so long. Now I'm glad to see the start of August!

The photo of the beach and beach huts is from another Ifremer station, near La Rochelle, about a 3-4 hour drive from Nantes, where we had to go to collect UV treated seawater for the experiment. Long ass journey, but lunch on this beach and getting a tour around another Ifremer station was totally worth it!

I also went to Clisson with my host family which is a quaint town with Italian and medieval architecture and beautiful castle ruins. The place is all medieval themed with people dressed up and so many stalls of wonderful handmade trinkets, food, and bags and shoes! The photo of all the amber jewellery is from there, there was so much of it! And as always, I was totally drawn to it! I actually forgot to charge my camera that day so it died before we even got near the castle #bloggerprobz but instead I just enjoyed it, I think the smells of the place will stick in my mind more than anything else! Especially that of the fresh candyfloss being whipped up...

The butterflies and old Artois building were taken in Belgium, probably the best weekend of the summer so far! I have so many photos to share, I'm still trying to organise them into a few posts!

Now tell me, how are you? I hope July has been kind to you and filled with summer adventures and/or relaxation! Maybe some sun too! xo


  1. Loving your instagram pics they're gorgeous x

    Emily |

  2. Amber! I've been to la rochelle. I flew to that airport when I was like 12. :)
    When are you coming back from France anyways? You must miss home. :)
    How was it meeting an internet friend? I would be so nervous :P

  3. For once, I am talking about how fast the month has gone by. Damn, July didn't even happen it went by that fast!

  4. Ooh was it nice? I didn't get to see the town, apparently it's lovely! But the Ifremer station is right on a little secluded beach so we had lunch there! I come home 17th August! But my boyfriend is coming over on the 14th for a lil weekend! I can't wait to be home so much :') Well I didn't get murdered as my mam worried I might :P I actually didn't feel nervous at all! Probably 'cos I just made myself very at home at Kerri's haha :P xo

  5. I kinda feel like it did but also like it didn't... it's been a looong ass month of wanting to go home I think!