Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Happiness this week is... #49

Technically last week but I had a migraine all day Sunday and most of yesterday so there was no way I was looking at a computer screen... so LAST WEEK happiness was...

Realising I can write whatever the fuck I want so I wrote Feel Shit Friday and posted a photo of dog poop. Which basically made me feel loads better 'cos posting photos of dog poop is hilarious. If you don't agree get out.
 Staying at Kerri's for a long weekend break in Belgium. Basically the highlight of this summer! I really needed to spend time with a friend away from everything else. We explored Brussels, Leuven, and Bruges, made pizza (and ate it), had TWO vegan burgers, and watched a documentary about people losing tons of weight and getting healthy by only drinking green juice. I nearly cried at the end. Kerri laughed. I should mention that her boyfriend Kris is also awesome, especially for making me tea in the morning!!
REAL TEA!!! I haven't had real decent tea since I left England and that was FIVE WEEKS AGO! Kerri had PG tips and Kris makes really good tea (although maybe it was only good 'cos I haven't had it in so long?!) AND I bought PG tips while there so I'm now on a tea diet. When I got back to Nantes there was a parcel in my room and my mam had also sent me tea! Tetley's original! So I have Tetley at work and PG tips at home. Oh my, tea really does make everything seem a little better.
Hamster cuddles! Yes more about my weekend at Kerri's #sorrynotsorry. I looove hamsters, I had one when I was very young and he was my bestest friend. Seriously considering getting a hamster when I go back to England...

Planning (dreaming) of more holidays and adventuring around Europe. My fave person is coming to stay in Nantes for the last weekend I am here! And I've decided I HAVE to go inter-railing at some point in the next couple of years.

What have you been up to lately? Besides missing me of course ;-) 

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