Friday, 17 July 2015

Feel Shit Friday

Ya'll can feck off with your Motivational Monday's and Wonderful Wednesday's, today is FEEL SHIT FRIDAY so here's a few things making me feel shit lately;

1. People who make everything about themselves. Those ones who couldn't care less what is going on in your life and have to over dramatise everything that happens to them.

2. Not being able to cook a decent meal. Every time I go into the kitchen it's like I'm followed in and always have someone hovering and faffing about, and then it's empty when I leave. I am not going to break anything!!

3. Making mistakes. Basically I hate electronic pipettes and they hate me.

4. Missing my family and favourite people. I really don't miss many people, most people I'm happy to have a break from. But I have a few faves and it's pretty lonely being across the sea to them.

5. Having no motivation to do anything. I don't feel upbeat so I don't want to write upbeat posts. So here you go, have some shit.
Wondered if this photo would ever have a purpose...

Good things, very good things actually, have also happened recently, but you can read about those in Sunday's happiness post. I can't mess up the Feel Shit Friday Feeling. What has made you feel shit this week? Go on, rant away, a problem shared is a problem halved and all that. (Sorry, no positivity allowed *talk to the hand emoji*).

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