Wednesday, 3 June 2015

OOTD || double denim dungarees

 Sunglasses - Topshop (so many years ago) || denim jacket - also probably Topshop (also many years ago)
dungarees - River Island (free at Reading Festival!) || jumper - H&M (last one for £5 in a sale!)
socks - ASOS (sale, obvs) || creepers - underground (as always)

Pretty proud of my triple alliteration in the title there ooh yeah. Get ready for a lot of my face in this post, probably the most I've ever posted haha, but the beach! AND double denim is awesome. Especially when it's hardcore denim dungarees and denim jacket! It was still a bit chilly so the socks kept me warm but I remembered why I never wear them out of the house. I have to stop every ten steps to pull them up as they slide down if I walk anywhere. Great. At least I got some photos of them!

 The dungarees I got for free from River Island at their swapshop at Reading festival in 2012 in exchange for a super old crop top! That was a good day! Making the most of things like that and charity shops means I have lots of awesome clothes for not much money hehe.

I've been loving going to the beach in shorts, even if I do have to wear long socks! Have you been enjoying good weather? Tell me honestly, am I pulling off this double denim look?! I took more photos at the beach on a different day when I also wore these dungarees and wore my denim backpack too, so you got another double denim dungarees post to look forward to!!!! xo

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