Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Newness || 20!

How does everyone know me so well?! My parents bought me these BEAUTIFUL SHOES for my birthday and I had almost bought them myself ages ago but I decided they were too expensive!! And I never even mentioned them!! Omg I was so delighted to open these! I am a big lover of sensible, comfy shoes haha!

The wash bag is from my fam too which I'll probs bring to France with me, along with the cute little travel essentials pack they bought me too (lip balm, tissues, and little cherry wipes, yay!). My sister bought me Sharp Objects too which I read in a day, I'll write a review asap, it's a pretty heavy read!

Finally, I have the BEST housemates, look at all the foooood! And dinosaur stickers, craft pack, and yeh rubber gloves (I like cleaning the kitchen OK?!). All the food has been eaten already apart from one pack of salty popcorn and the popping candy... these guys know me too well! Giving people fun boxes of food and lil things as a gift is a top notch idea by the way (yes, I just said top notch). They also included a yummy candle which I'll be taking to France with me so I feel at home! :-)

Much love to my friends and fam for making this birthday the best everrrr! Everyone was so thoughtful and kind and I had such a relaxed time :-) OK I'll shut up about me and my birthday now haha... SO question time! Sensible shoes yay or nay?! One of life's most important questions....

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