Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Instamonth #June

Glow in the dark balloons! || my new BFF || ice cream on my birrrthday
Nantes is so green || work || pimms 
got my hair did || Sunday morning || cosy bed

Well June has actually been the most crazeeey month. I mean I turned 20, left Portsmouth, moved to France, started work experience, and passed second year Biochem! and it's all gone as smoothly as I could have hoped! It's been one of the best months of my life to be honest! I had probably the best birthday ever, was so chill and I spent it with my faves and face timed my family. Then I got to spend a week with my fam before coming to France.

And I've made a new BFF. The dog, he's called Dragster, and he loves me.

How has your June been? :-)


  1. I love Instagram posts. :3 Great photos. You've definitely had a very chill month :)
    I've had a pretty relaxing month. I am probably gonna get a lot busier in July.


  2. ahaha I guess it looks it from these photos but it's been the exact opposite of chill. Like I said, been a crazeeeyy month. Not complaining though, all good things! xo

  3. What a busy June! My June was pretty regular, I did go to a festival though and fully commit to becoming a vegetarian :)

  4. Yeh, I've been so busy this year (I accidently typed busty before typing busy, oh how I laughed)! Kind of want a chance to chill and catch up on blogging! But then I guess I'd have nothing to blog about! Yaaayyy that's awesome, can't wait to see vegetarian recipes on your blog! I made "vegan" cheese today... totally not cheese but hey it's nice! xo

  5. So glad to hear you've settled in well!!! Trust me it's a good sign if you're already saying it's been the best time of your life! Congrats on passing Biochem - intelligent AND beautiful!!! ♥ Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  6. Yes I love France! Not so sure I'm enjoying staying with a family, I need my space! Aw thank you, you're making me blush ;-) xo