Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happiness this week is... #47

France! DUH! Where do I start?!

Well looking out my bedroom window to this every morning makes it hard to be bothered by much. 'Cos some annoying things have also happened this week, but I feel pretty carefree at the moment, despite having started lab work!
I mentioned this last week but everyone here is so NICE! I went into a pharmacy yesterday for tissues (I'm ill boo) and the gentleman gave them to me for free! Such a kind gesture :) 

The city is also beautiful, with soo much to do, especially in summer! There is a music festival on in the city today which I'll be going to, and a big art festival for most of July and August!

I stumbled upon a little market yesterday while exploring, right next to another gorgeous church. They were selling antiques, such as a big old trombone! And a guitar and one of those weird butterfly cases... and tons of books...
 ....AND vinyl! Damn I wish my parents' still had their old record player haha.
As well as the beautiful city, friendly people, and the lovely family I am staying with, everything about the lab has also been amazing! It fills up all of my week so I'm glad I'm liking it! Once again, everyone there is so friendly, it's amazing to meet all different people and hear their stories.

The actual lab work is going great so far too, actually got good results this week, and I'm learning so much! I feel like a real scientist using fancy ass tech haha! Bring on PCR next week and oyster fecundation (don't even ask... you don't wanna know...)!

How has your week been? :) stiiilll struggling to catch up with everyone's blogs, I tend to pick one and then read and comment on everything I've missed, it's easier to work through the back log of posts that way! Chit chat with me in the comments, link me to your latest post, or one you're mega proud of and I'll deffo read every link :) xo

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