Friday, 12 June 2015

Bookmarked #19

How feminists have made the world a better place - something to cheer us up! I've had a rough week, feminism-wise.

Study finds bullying affects mental health more than child abuse - I'd like to see studies on people bullied at school but when they are more like 16/17/18, is it the same or similar as younger kids getting bullied?

A comic explaining privilege

This is what it's like growing up in a poly-amorous household - this is such a brilliant read!

I didn't know my boyfriend was abusive 'cos he never hit me - sounds too familiar to me, happens way too much, especially in young relationships.

Seriously anti-vaxxers, you're causing problems - it's not just a personal choice because that choice can affect other children who for medical reasons maybe CAN'T be vaccinated. You have a responsibility to your fellow humans,

Still need proof of rape culture?

I've finally joined Pinterest! - hehe cheeky plug... not sure I'm using it right but it's cool!

The last link is to this video which I found very interesting, and thought you might too! I love youtube videos like this!

I am currently on route to France! I'll have wifi once I get to where I'm staying, you can't get rid of me that easily ;) I hope you all have a super lovely day! xo

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