Saturday, 9 May 2015

Student Life || Study Playlist

As my life is basically just studying for exams now that's all the inspiration I have, and I know lots of you are also going through exams, so I thought I'd share what I listen to when studying. I personally don't think that music with lyrics in it and a bouncy beat helps me study at all. That's the kinda music for getting my energy up to go out. I always just end up singing along which really doesn't help my concentration or memory.

Instead, I like to listen to slow and easy music, either a playlist on Spotify, they have playlists for every mood which is great for discovering new music, or an album. My favourite album to listen to while studying is the soundtrack from the film Amelie. One of my favourite films, and one of my favourite film soundtracks! It's on Spotify so it's super easy to find and just play all the way through (and thanks to Maeve's help I was able to install the playlist into this post!) so you can see how you like it! Let me know if you like this album, I've listened some more of Yann Tiersen and haven't quite made up my mind, it's quite different. This album is deffo my fave!

Do you like to listen to music while studying? I know some people who find pop music or anything else more bouncy does help them, it just doesn't work for me! Gimme your best study tunes (stuff like alt-j always welcome). 

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