Friday, 29 May 2015

Instamonth #May

messy making matcha tea || peace || revision selfie
I saved a bee || dominoooos || fave shoes & glitter socks 
embryonic development... || cat socks || shuuuz

Well this has been a crazeeee month. Phew. Exams were tough, I think I was running on pure adrenalin in the last week. And next month is looking even crazier as I turn 20 (fuck), start reading and prepping for my dissertation (fuckedy fuck), and go to France and start the lab work for my dissertation while living with a family who don't speak any English (as far as I know anyway)(fuuuuuck). I'm kind of in a daze at the mo and I've spent a lot of this week just lying around or going for walks to the beach, and watching documentaries to wind down. 

I've also been drawing again, and I opened the oil pastels my parents' bought me for Christmas and used them for the first time! Can't wait to do more with them! I read somewhere that if you see a tired looking bee you should feed it some sugar and water on a spoon, so I did and it flew away all better! And I managed to get some cute snaps!

Yesterday's post was about Teapigs' Matcha Tea which I made a mess of the first time but then I figured out the whisking technique and now I'm sailing! 

How was your month? Get up to much in May? I feel like I'm forever trying to catch up with everyone so I am super sorry if I don't reply to a comment or a tweet! Lots of love! xo


  1. I know the first paragraph is madly serious :P But I have to admit that I laughed while reading it..
    Wow.. how's that gonna work.. living with people who don't speak English.. There are translating. apps right?

    I finished with my exams this week and I'm so scared! I really want to graduate! *having a mini panic attack*
    Loving your posts like always! I also started drawing again especially now that I'm not busy with school anymore!

    Jade x

  2. Oh wow good luck with staying with the no-English speaking family. :)
    I am sure your french will improve much more :D
    Would love to see some updates about your experience there.

    I love these instagram posts. I am actually gonna start doing these.
    Really like your creepers too!


  3. Hahah glad it made you laugh! :D it IS funny cos I say every month how crazy it was and each month just gets more crazy than the last haha! They speak French which I can make conversation in so it'll really help me improve my speaking skills hopefully! But I need to learn some more useful words, the vocab schools teach is always useless!

    Well done on finishing your exams! Try not to worry, you'll be fiiine :D it's so nice to get back to and to see that I've made something other than an essay haha!

  4. Haha thanks! Hopefully it'll mean my French will improve loads! I deffo will be! I can't wait to get over there and get started haha! Also super nerve wracking cos it means I have to start writing my dissertation eek! Can't wait to see your Instamonth posts too :D

  5. hahahah I can imagine!. oh well that's good. I always wanted to speak french fluently but I stopped getting it at school so now I only know a few words and sentences :/
    I will try not to worry :) hahahah I know what you mean!

    Loving your blog Amber, Jade x

  6. I hope you've got good French! At least the work will be in English... with any luck :)

  7. Two days in and I'm doing OK! Surprised myself at how well I'm managing actually haha!