Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happiness this week is... #42

Shall we just say that one day I'll get back to posting early morning again instead of hurriedly trying to write this post on a Sunday morning?! I suppose it's a blessing in disguise 'cos I need some cheering up at the moment, it's been a pretty crummy week, amirite?! The majority of people I've spoken to seem pretty outraged by the Conservative win, and the people I have spoken to who voted Tory... well they're all people who came from backgrounds like me. Rich, white, privileged, and from a wealthy area, e.g. Sussex or Surrey, where I'm from. I'm totally privileged, my parents' are comfortable enough that they can still afford to help me out, and they might have to in the future 'cos I don't see how anyone my age will get anywhere in the UK without a huge leg up from parents' or people they know. It's always the people you know isn't it?

I'm still depressed about it though. Not gonna lie I had a little cry when I heard the news... and my first exam came as a welcome break on the 8th, honestly, best two hours of my week. I can't see how people like me are supposed to carry on as though the more vulnerable, those without someone to give them a leg up, are sacrificing their lives to save the economy? Why isn't it the privileged who are also making sacrifices? Like why are big businesses having their taxes lowered but 15,000 people froze to death in their homes just this winter in the UK because they couldn't afford heating? I feel ashamed to be part of this country right now... and as I've seen from a lot of people I'm seriously considering emigrating (another thing; why are foreigners who move to the UK called immigrants and treated like shit, but when white British people move to another country they are 'expats'?) if things don't improve by the next election.

Sorry for the dark intro there but it's something I had to address. As always though, happiness can be found in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light.
Despite the Tory win, the compassion and care, and anger I've seen about it gives me hope. We will not let this happen to this country. If you find yourself feeling down about this election, think of all the people outraged, all the people who DO care. You people, who care, you're amazing, and we're keeping each other going.

Chocolate and pizza. I finally understand comfort food. Never been my thing but I've never spent so much time cooped up inside revising haha (Biochem is haaaard guys!) and chocolate and doughnuts are my rewards.
More cheapo treats yay! 
As I mentioned, the exam was the highlight of my week, hopefully I'll have got a decent mark in it!

Seeing the new kitchen we'll be getting next year! We decided to stay in the same house, the four of us, and our landlord is replacing the kitchen! New fridge-freezer, worktops, oven, everything! And I am more excited than any 19 year old should be about kitchens.

Our landlord also bought us a new shower head, yay!

More pampering with facemasks and properly massaging moisturiser into my face. It's the little things I am clinging to during the stress of exams and anger at the election. Just taking some time to myself has been great this week.

How has your week been? Did the election result affect you in any way? If you voted Tory please don't comment trying to convince me how amazing they are, I will believe that when I see it! If you wish to comment, just tell me how you're week is going :) xo


  1. I have to admit I'm very scared for the future of the NHS and how cuts are going to affect disabled people. It's scary that the UN launched a human rights investigation into disability benefit reforms! And now without the Lib Dems to somewhat hold them back who knows what will happen x

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  2. I don't quite understand what really happens in the UK right now, but I hope things will be better (I can only hope). And pizza for the win! xx

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

  3. I feel exactly the same way about the election results, I've actually be so depressed. The thing is, a lot of the people on my Facebook who voted for Tories genuinely believe they are going to help this country. Nevermind TTIP or anything... I think most a lot of people have taken their 'promises' at face value, and everyone else who voted for them are part of the rich minority of the population and will benefit. It's sooo frustrating trying to get people to understand why Tories are so bad for this country, people are so set on their own views, it's going to take them getting screwed over by the government to see the light. And I was seriously debating moving out of this country as well, if only I had the money. Also, I think I would be just as excited about getting a new kitchen aha! I hope you did well in your exam!

    p.s. I replied to your comment on my outfit post today :)

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  4. I came back to work today after have a long weekend and got to have a fun politics discussion as soon as I got in the door... I don't mind, my colleagues are just curious since they're not really affected. I didn't vote, I couldn't vote, since I was never registered before we left the UK, we can't register from abroad. Shame, I would have liked to vote, but I can't until I move back to the UK now. Still trying to work out the exact rules on it, but I also don't want to lie and say I'm living in the UK when I'm not.
    I was talking about the disappointing outcome and (at first) my Chinese colleague made a point, he said "at least you can vote for a party, in China we only have one"... but then, I asked him if he voted and he said "no, I don't care, I only voted once and chose the name which sounded best...". That kind of ruined his point about us having choice in the first place. I wasn't even complaining, I was talking about what it means generally.
    Politics talk is weird. But that's my best politics talk story...

    Not at all useful. I just felt like telling you a story...

  5. Sounds like you had a great week! My week has been going pretty well. It's only Tuesday and I feel like I've done so much in terms of productivity already.

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  6. That Dumbledore quote <3

    I'm still feeling quite exhausted by the elections. I was at the count in Glasgow so was seeing the SNP gains left, right and centre. But then got home to see the result across the UK and was heartbroken. I've always fought for what I believe in but I'm still feeling so deflated! I feel fucked over as a young person but thankfully I have parents who can give me money and pay for me to go on extra courses so I can 'climb the career ladder'. I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be for people from disadvantaged backgrounds :(


  7. Chocolate and donuts are the best reward/comfort foods! :D I have the same system for my study! Haha.

  8. It's scary what I've heard and seen already and it's only been about a week! But from the outrage I've seen there will be riots before they ruin the NHS entirely. I know I would be joining in! I don't understand what the Tories are doing at all :/ either they don't understand how badly this affects people, or they do know but they don't care and are happy to exploit the more vulnerable. Ugh! xo

  9. The voting system isn't really fair. And there's a very large class divide between the very very rich and the ver very poor. Under a tory government the number of adults using foodbanks to feed themselves has risen from about 60,000 adults 5 years ago to 900,000 now. So I don't know how people think the tories are doing any good :/ all the people saying we have to make sacrifices are the people in £2million mansions complaining about the mansion tax while people freeze to death in winter because they can't afford heating! That's just a very tiny bit of it, gotta see what happens in the next 5 years. This is gonna be an interesting 5 years for the UK! xo

  10. I've still been feeling hopeless about it! But I've seen more people very angry and unhappy about it, and my faith has been restored seeing how many people care. Ye a lot of Tory voters I spoke to/read interviews with were all very ignorant. They've been brought up in such privileged lives, but then I would say I have too but yet I am not happy benefitting off others! :/

    Exams are finally over, and I survived! I hope I did well too :P the landlord showed us a pic of what the kitchen should look like and we are SO EXCITED haha! xo

  11. Yeh that's annoying, I still don't even know all the rules about voting! I do hate it when people say we shouldn't complain cos we have it better than some countries, if we didn't complain then we'd probably be in a similar situation! It's the costant questioning and debating and using different methods that allow us to develop. Politics IS weird ugh!

    Haha thank you, I love your stories!

  12. Yay well done! Being productive always puts me in a good mood :) xo

  13. It keeps me going!

    I feel the same, my parents also have money and bless them, they would always help if if I need it. Which I probably will. It's impossible for young people to support themselves! I've had some faith restored by all the angry reactions to the results and the Tories, but I'm still seeing people tell others to just get another job! My friends was being told that on facebook " be an Avon lady" they said. She's a new mother, working really tough hours, trying to earn enough to afford the rent in London so her and herboyfriend can be near their family, friends, jobs, and people are saying it's their fault! Makes me so mad :( xo

  14. Can't wait to get back to eating better though, the amount of pizza I've consumed recently is ridiculous!

  15. Oh comfort food... It's a real thing!
    Jade x