Sunday, 31 May 2015

Happiness this week is... #44

Being freeeeee!! Despite the paperwork and other bits I still have to organise for France, I'm not quite as stressed as I was the week before!

The warm(ish) weather. 

Catching up with friends I hadn't seen in ages, I didn't realise how much of a hermit I'd become this year until I got out again haha. The Union put on an end of year thing in the park and I think that's when I actually was like 'oh shit, I've finished second year'.

Fruity blue and orange drinks to celebrate with!! Plus dancing aaaalllll night at a house party which I needed.

My body shop order which I mentioned last week arrived, yay! I was disappointed at first 'cos the moisturiser pot is tiny which I guess was silly of me not to check what size it was haha, but turns out a little goes a long way and it's amazing! The grapefruit scrub is nice too but irritates my skin a little I think.

Cheap badges and hair scrunchies from a vintage stall at the end of year Party in the Park (woop woop) which I still actually owe my housemate money for....

What have you been up to this week? It's been a bit of a weird blurry week for me, I don't really feel like I've finished 'cos I'm already reading and prepping for my 3rd year project (or dissertation) but I've just been lying around lots and going to the beach! If you've finished a year at uni then yaaaay, and enjoy your summer! Well actually all of you should enjoy your summer, you all deserve it! xo


  1. Cheap badges and scrunchies from a vintage stall sound good :) And I'm also glad that the weather is getting ever so slightly warmer, it's so rare here in the UK!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  2. I've been being really social lately. It's fun, isn't it?

    Corinne x

  3. Yay for end of second year, hope you get to enjoy your summer! x

  4. Vintage stalls are always good ;) I'm glad I'm in France for summer, I'll see much more sun than if I was still in England haha!

  5. YES! It's like I was reborn after exams but like without the screaming and afterbirth...