Saturday, 11 April 2015

MH || Sertraline

I don't usually like writing personal posts because I don't like writing "I" instead of "you". It can get boring reading someone drone on about themselves so even if I am droning on about myself I try to not use the word "I" (something I'm totally failing at in this post) but to make it involve you, reading it. This is kind of a disclaimer as I'm about to use "I" a lot...
Sertraline comes with a bunch of side effects, nothing to fear though, if you know it's gonna happen! On the first day I suffered three panic attacks, nausea, dizziness, sleepiness, and confusion. These side effects have continued but are gradually decreasing. I have also had restless leg syndrome which is literally what it sounds like, you can't keep still, which means by the end of the day my legs ache so so much. The confusion is also causing me to drop things and bang my head on the desk...(that was once...)

It can give you a sore throat, headaches or even migraines, and in those under 25 it comes with an increased risk of suicide. Which I really wish I had been told about...(I did read the warnings but the warning of suicide is pretty small, it should have been in bold or all over the packaging!). Quite obviously that hasn't happened, but it has brought on more suicidal feelings, which was pretty terrifying. Knowing that it's the medication though made me feel better about it.
Don't my nails look fabulous though?!
It's been two and a half weeks since I started so I'm due back at the Drs soon to check how I'm doing. I should start to see positive results in another couple of weeks and hopefully the side effects will completely wear off by then too.

Have you ever been on sertraline? Did you suffer side effects and did it work? I wanted to post this to provide some personal experience with the medication and side effects. I've also started taking more photos again and as usual I found inspiration from how my life and emotions are right now. I'm not going out taking photos of awesome outfits, which I'm not taking photos of 'cos I'm not wearing awesome outfits... what I am doing is a lot of curling up on the sofa and trying to get into some sort of routine. Photos show the reality of it without all the words.


  1. I have never been on medication of any sort luckily.
    It's nice to share your experiences.
    I know some people who need medicine but are totally against it.
    I think the main step you need to take when you have a mental illness like anxiety or depression is to find help.
    Fair play for doing so, I hope this goes well for you.


  2. I'm glad you have the help you need. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

  3. Its important to share your stories as it can help many people out! Great post and good luck with Drs! Much love xxx

    Anisha ♥

  4. It's been suggested to me a number of times and I always rejected it but it got to a stage I needed it to get better. Thank you for your kind words lovely :) xo

  5. I hope it does :) thank you! xo

  6. Sending you all the love & hugs I possibly can ^.^
    Those side effects sound horrible but hopefully they'll wear off entirely soon!
    P.S. your nails are extremely fab :)

  7. Well I hope you get better. If you ever need to speak, you have my twitter name. Drop me a message when you please. :D

  8. Thank you sweet :') my dosage has just been upped and the dr said the side effects might come back -_- I'm like oh goody thanks.

    Hehe thanks, made me feel like a Queen! :P

  9. Those are terrible ide effects! I hope you're doing okay, feel better soon! *gives you a hug*
    Jade x

  10. A lot is written about the side effects of Sertaline. For me, however, I would say that "The juice is worth the squeeze!" by that I mean that it's well worth putting up with them as the overall effect of taking the medication will hopefully make life much more bearable. It certainly has for me. I put off taking them for literally weeks until I decided to just do it. Only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

    Being signed off work was a big help too, as that allowed me to concentrate on just getting better one step at a time.

    Great blog post, by the way. Well done!