Thursday, 30 April 2015

Instamonth #April

Sunny days at the beach || mermaid || lifesaver of a book!
quorn mushroom veggie korma curry || read this in a day || found a t shirt at the rents'
dream car || painting again! || beautiful sunset from our friends' balcony

It's been a hectic month! Which I say every month but this month has been triple the workload plus trying to get everything sorted to go to France this summer, and I visited the fam for Easter! You ask most students what they've been up to lately and most of us are just answering with "study" and when asked how we are it's always "tired" and we have a knowing look we give each other, a sympathetic, we're all tired but we're all in this together Wildcats everywhere kinda look.

How to be a Knowledge Ninja is a lifesaver! I know I keep banging on about it, and I did a review on it too, but it really has helped! I feel like I've doubled or even tripled my productivity since reading it, and the thing that's helped? The pomodoro technique! Not for everyone but it's working a dream for me. I'll also have a review of The Girl on the Train up soon, I loved that book, I strongly recommend it if you enjoyed Gone Girl! 

Sorry for being so absent, I've had two deadlines this week, phew! Now just the final exams to go. I am calm on the outside and all 'I'm trying my best' but on the inside there's a whirlpool of panic just waiting. How is everyone else doing with study? Have you all had a good month? :)


  1. I did enjoy Girl On The Train! I'm looking forward to reading to Gone Girl now.

  2. omg I'm happy every time I see a pink beetle car :)


  3. Glad you enjoyed it, I hope you like Gone Girl too! After reading it the Gone Girl film is actually really good, well I liked it anyway :P

  4. I walk past it nearly every day now and it makes me so happy! I mean it's GLITTERY AND PINK!!