Thursday, 23 April 2015

Imi in Pink || My sister's new blog!

You might have heard by now that my younger sister, Imi, has started her own blog! It's called Imi in Pink  and I think it's gonna end up with a similar feel to mine... pink, lifestyle, outfits, travel, books... we have a lot of the same interests but very different taste within those interests! We wear very different clothes (despite her stealing mine all the time!), we read entirely different books (but share extreme love for Harry Potter), and are just generally quite different. 
Photos from Imi's blog, she's already got quite a few posts up! I was going to e-mail her with some questions but I decided I would just tell you about her *Imi screams NO as she reads this* hehehe.

1. She's four years younger than me and taller. We have been mistaken for twins a few times and once on holiday, the receptionist  tried to put the 18 wrist band on her instead of the child one! I was too small to be seen...

2. She doesn't like sharing her stuff with me but my cupboard is free game for her! ;) I see her instagram posts in my old room and wearing clothes I left, she has enough of her own to start a shop though!

3. She does not like planes. She always gets travel sick so she's really not keen on it! But she perseveres (obvs you can see from the photos of Rome!) so our family have been on some fab holidays together! 

4. Surprisingly for a person of her age... or anyone really... she is never on facebook. I mean never. And all the posts on her wall are from me. Which she never replies to.

5. Again, surprisingly for her I can hardly find any photos of her to use in this post despite her loving being in front of the camera! I'm sure I can dig up some embarrassing photos and videos... although she was always the cute baby/kid/tween...

I am mega proud that she's started a blog, and has already got quite a few different styles of posts up! We would both love it if you went and said hi and introduced yourselves to her, she's totally new to the blogging community and I'd love for her to get more involved :) xo

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