Sunday, 19 April 2015

Happiness this week is... #39

Lovely Maeve's kind words about me and my blog in her post Bloggers I Love. Go have a peek! Thank you again lovely!

Smashing through revision and coursework... kind of... I think... I feel like I'm flailing trying to keep my head above water but I'm doing the best I can! The pomodoro technique which I talked about in this student life post is a lifesaver!

Changing my nose ring for a lil spiky stud. Yay! I've had the ring in for so long now and honestly I think it's a bit too big. I picked out a few cute little studs 'cos there was a deal on :)
Super exciting news! My big little sister started a blog! It's called Imi in Pink and she's already got a few posts up, including an OOTD and some photos from Rome (I'm so not jeal...).

Wearing shorts, in the sun, finaaaalllyyyyy. Which my Slovenian housemate laughed at me for because English people.

Having very understanding and supportive friends aahhh :) 

Getting ready for the day with this perfect morning yoga video from Adriene :) ahh I feel so rested!

Oops I've included four links in this post! I wasn't asked to include any of them, obvs. It actually is super exciting that my lil sis started a blog too! And Maeve's blog is awesome so you should already be reading that. And yoga ahhh. I never got it until I tried yoga with Adriene on youtube. I get it now! How are you this week? Any good news to share? :)

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