Sunday, 12 April 2015

Happiness this week is... #38

Coming home to Portsmouth and my double bed. I loved seeing my fam for the weekend but there's no place like home!
The weather being warm enough to sit on the beach in a t shirt!! First time I haven't worn a jumper outside in such a long time! Everyone's already on the beach even when it's still too windy and you have to wrap up in chunky cardis and scarves.
She got buried.
 Getting my cooking game on and making a stellar pasta bake. And learning how to make a yummy tomatoey full of vegetables risotto! And then eating.

Cute fairy lights and feeling cosy. Our house isn't decorated much but we have fairy lights up in the living room and a sheet that I bought at a car boot sale. 
Actually managing to have fun revising by having a friend over to help. Like I said in this review of How to be a Knowledge Ninja, the pomodoro technique is a life saver.

M&Ms ice cream! One of my housemates works at the shop around the corner from our house and there is an ice cream parlour inside where she is usually serving - it's who you know ;)

How was your week? More good luck to anyone sitting exams soon! Or those who still have coursework to do! xo

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