Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happiness this week is... #37

Getting back into blogging by joining in with twitter chats and taking inspiration from how my life is currently. Life doesn't have to be amazing and full of days out to find things to talk about. I'm starting a series titled The Depression Diaries (not sure how much I like that now, what do you think?) for which the first post went up yesterday.

New bed sheets! I know this was a thing a couple of weeks ago but my mam bought my single bed at home gorgeous new Cath Kidston covers, what do you think?!
Watching some awesome drama series on Netflix. Utopia and Fringe are incredible! I'm currently watching Fringe and the lead role, Olivia, is a pretty awesome role model. She even tells her boss where to stick it when he tells her she is too emotional for the job at the F.B.I. to which she replies that being emotional makes her good at her job, and that all women are accused of being "too emotional" in the work place.

Spending a whole day reading a cracking book! My sister chose it for me and she couldn't have picked better! I've been raving about The Girl On The Train all day and I'll do a review soon!
Staying for the weekend with the fam. I have the best family (don't let it go to your head guys)!

Mattress slide and trampoline. We thought I was getting two new mattresses yesterday (one for me, one for my truckle) so we dragged the old two downstairs and slid down them and used them as a trampoline before flopping on them in the hall. Turns out the new ones aren't coming until next week...

Seeing Michael Flatley in Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games. Irish dancing is fab, I've always loved it and Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance is the biggest selling dance show ever! He also holds the record for number of taps per second and many more awesome things! 
An Easter miracle! My guinea pig had been missing for six days after the hutch was knocked over in a storm and she came back this morning! I always knew she was scary... six days and she comes back just as fat. Probably ate next doors cat and a few foxes...

So how are you?! I miss you lovely lot and I'm glad I am posting again, I have a few ideas and posts I've got drafted so hopefully I'm back for good :) as I always ask, link me to your latest posts in the comments, I'm still doing terribly at keeping up with everyone! xo

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