Thursday, 19 March 2015

OOTD || pastels & white

hat - I have no idea || sweater - charity shop || sudoku leggings - black milk clothing (not available anymore)
converse - some outlet in Florida
I actually had these photos taken ages ago but couldn't post them at the time 'cos the outfit post before was basically the same but different leggings. Obviously I live in this sweater. I'm actually wearing this outfit right now haha, which is such a coincidence! The sweater is the comfiest and it was only £2! The leggings were my sister's but she gave them to me now, yayayay! You guys know how much I love my leggings ;) and black milk! The sweater is long enough to wear over these and cover my bum as well, unforch, being white, these leggings are the teensiest bit see through if you're wearing coloured or dark pants.
You can't actually see but each shoe is slightly different to the other. The converse logo is slightly different on each so I must have got one from two different styles, oops. No one notices though. And still mostly white, they do have splatters of pink and green/yellow neon paint on them from a paint party I went to during freshers' week this year! I got drowned in neon paint, I was actually dripping. And now every time I wear these shoes I'm reminded of good times :) 

Does anyone else get super attached to their clothes/stuff? I find lots of my stuff has stories or memories attached to them and so I feel attached to the thing... please tell me I'm normal... 

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