Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Newness || vintage fair & charity shop

I love charity shops so much, I always manage to find great things in them, like my Topshop pinafore or glittery Zara top. I never understand when people say they can never find anything good in charity shops, I really think people say that to excuse the fact they just prefer the high street, which is fine but don't knock charity shops until you've properly tried them! That doesn't mean walking in and walking out just because you didn't see something you liked from your view by the door.
These shoes are from a charity shop, they were only £3.50 and they fit! I bought them specifically for RAG ball because I only have one pair of heels but they didn't really go with what I wanted to wear. I only happened to find these 'cos I was at the post office and dipped into a next door charity shop 'cos why not? Lucky I did!
I feel like I've been banging on about this jacket for far too long. This post was gonna be put up last week but coursework got in the way so even though I've already posted an outfit with this jacket, here it is again! It was only £10 down from £30 at a vintage fair, where I also bought the care bear ring for about £4.
I'm so so happy with my new jacket I've been wearing it every single day! So worth it at only a tenner! And the shoes were a lifesaver for RAG ball, despite being so so so painful. Guess I need more practise. I have to apologise for the difference in colour in the photos! I use picmonkey and don't have very advanced skills, but you can see what they all are so it's not terribly important! What do you think of these then?! Do you like shopping in charity shops too? xo

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