Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My 5 Most Used Apps

Aside from the extremely obvious... instagram, twitter, bloglovin', blogger, facebook...

1. Afterlight - you've probably seen a million bloggers suggest this, and I know that can make me skeptical, but honestly this is so worth the 79p! I actually prefer to edit photos on this if they were taken on my phone rather than upload them to the computer to edit.
2. Calender - one that comes with most phones! I couldn't live without it though. It has my uni timetable synced to it and so if I'm making appointments or meetings or just planning study I always fill it into the calender on my phone.
3. Buffer - this was another relatively recent discovery of mine. Also available to use on the computer. Buffer is where you can schedule multiple tweets, so a very good tool for bloggers who want to promote their work more but don't have time to be constantly tweeting during the day.
4. Moment - the only other app apart from Afterlight that I paid for. It's kind of ironic, it tracks how much time you're spending on your phone. Which I really needed 'cos I was spending my time glued to my phone. It works as long as you keep it on haha, sometimes when I don't want to be reminded 'cos I'm having a bad day I switch it off... and I'm spending a lot more time on my phone because of the next app...
5. CLASH OF CLAAAAAANS! Not the first time I've mentioned it on the blog (I mentioned it in my last post). It's a game, it's free. You basically build up your camp, collecting elixir and gold battling goblins and other clans. I'm not sure if there are higher aims than that, there probably are, but I don't know them yet 'cos it's still early days!

Do you use any of these apps? Are you as reliant on some apps as I am? I think it's great that I can carry around a calender in my pocket! And I don't have to even think about tweeting if I'm busy! And I love a good war game.

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