Sunday, 22 March 2015

Happiness this week is... #36

Successfully cloning the protein RAR-gamma in the lab this week! I had been so nervous about it but it ended up being the best thing! Kinda sad it's over but I feel more confident in my practical skills now too.

As well as successfully doing the work, the lab was so enjoyable cos all my course were there. It meant we could all catch up and even get to know other people better, we ended up all having a good laugh!

Blue skies! Which came three hours after the damn eclipse. Did anyone get a good glimpse of it? We saw nothing, it just got a little darker then a little lighter again.

Great deep conversations about the universe and maths and space-time and theories and right and wrong... the conversations I have with a couple of my friends get so deep into things we think could be possible. It's one of the reasons why I love science, it's so unlimited, we can imagine what we think could be right using what we already know and the things we can imagine with this are pretty amazing!

Being able to talk to friends about how I'm feeling at the moment and re-connecting with different people.

I hope you haven't totally lost interest in reading this blog, I know I'm not posting regularly enough or interacting enough, just know I am thinking of yous! And trying to keep up with your blogs! I'm gonna take a short break this week, I'm not feeling very well at the moment but hopefully a weeks break will do good :) lots of love xoxo

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