Monday, 16 March 2015

Happiness this week is... #35

A few days off uni this week, actually four, I've had no lectures since Monday! I thought it'd give me the chance to start a revision plan but also relax...not so much but at least the days off meant I could sleep and recover from another migraine!

A seriously needed catch up with a seriously good friend. She cooked me a great dinner and we basically sat in the same spots from 9pm to 4.30am! Clearly we had a lot of ground to cover! 

Getting into another new series, Once Upon a Time. But of a strange twist on a bunch of classic fairy tales but I love how they adapt the story to fit with new characters and so that they can intertwine all the fairy tales.

My mam, dad, and sister came down to Portsmouth for Mother's Day (Sunday 15th March) to go out for pizza! We went to pizza express which is my fave! Then we went for quite a long walk along the seafront and I showed my parents a few places, like hot walls, where I used to go with friends last summer. It's a bit cold now to spend a day at the beach!

Being ridiculous posing for photos.
Despite it being Mother's Day and us giving our mam a few gifts, she brought down a huuge stack of New Scientist magazines and National Geographics for me! I've already read one article called The War on Science, I wish it was online so I could share it! Goddamn real printed magazines.

How are all of you? I'm shattered so here are more photos than writing! Link me to your latest post and I'll go read and comment, I'm so far behind on catching up with everyone's blogs but I'm trying to still comment now and then :) xo

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